Mini Cube to Chocolate Project by Henry Harrius

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Bei Mini Cube to Chocolate ist eigentlich schon alles gesagt. 😉 Ein kleiner Rubik Würfel, der sich auch bequem einstecken lässt, verwandelt sich, direkt auf den Augen der Zuseher in viele bunte M&Ms!

“I love this! WAY more practical than I’d thought, after watching the method. Can’t wait to receive mine!”
-Shin Lim

“Henry invents & produces the BEST Cube Magic on the planet! Mini Cube To Chocolate is a lot of Fun to perform and looks like real magic, you will use this every day!”
-Nicholas Lawrence

“It’s like seeing trick editing but in real life. I love how Henry put the details in this trick, this is definitely one of my favorite.”
-Demian Aditya

“Whether you are already into cube magic or new, Mini Cube To Chocolate is a PERFECT tool to start. It’s organic, visual, and extremely practical. This is going on my next Instagram video for sure. Can’t wait.”
-Patrick Kun


Q: Can I use real chocolate?
– Yes. In fact we recommend to use real chocolates for real performance.

Q: Is the gimmick consumable?
– No. You can perform infinite times.

Kommt mit englischsprachigen Online Tutorial.


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